Parco dei Cimini Bio Resort

Caporossi Family

Stefano Caporossi, is an Italian entrepruener and business man, with a passion for his family, Monte Cimino, the surrounding Tuscia region and the promotion and development of agri-tourism and organic farming in Italy owns and operates the magnificient Parco dei Cimini BioResort with his family. Parco dei Cimini, was established in 1998 and is the product of the Caporossi families desire to transform natural, organic products from ancient farms into saleable products to be used in creating unique dishes. The Caporossi family dream started with Stefano’s father, Umberto, the eldest of his family, who passed on his love in the care of nature to his children Stefano and Lorella. Umberto’s knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation and is perceived by the customer, surrounded by elegant surroundings and welcomed as if you were at home.
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